One year of sculpting

I just missed my one year anniversary of sculpting by two weeks. I guess it’s time for reflections on how much progress I made and where I want to take this. By looking at the works on my website, I see a wide range of different styles, resulting from different ideas and experiments. It’s not crystal clear in my mind which style should I keep or discard. For now I only know pure abstraction is not for me. Same goes for pure realism. I can’t copy…even if I decide to use a photograph, won’t stick to it. I’m not sure actually whether  can’t or won’t. I never worked from a live model yet. It would be interesting to see what results would I get. I might try a self-portrait one day… What I seem to be drawn most to is Expressionism on one hand, and Art Nouveau on the other. The two extremes of the spectrum. How crazy! Deepness and scratching the surface. I don’t really understand, but should I? The only sure answer at this point is, it’s got to be figurative. So I’ll keep making them without much questioning (for another year), as I need to learn and make progress.

And now, my first piece and one of the last, for comparison…




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~ by erikatakacs on March 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “One year of sculpting”

  1. Your first piece is impressive and shows you are a natural sculptor. Try a model. Find a group near where you live, even if it’s a drawing group that shares a model you will learn so much and go so much farther.

  2. There are limited resources around here, but I always keep my eyes and ears open. You’re very lucky Kim to have that sculpture studio and models available.

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