My latest sculpture. Great to be back to figure modelling! It’s been a long break, I got caught up in other projects, and experiments, and learnings over these last few months, and because of that maybe it’s never been more obvious that it is the figure, the pose, the gesture, the expression, the soul of the figure that interests me most.

Dimensions: 19″x13″x13″

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~ by erikatakacs on March 23, 2012.

5 Responses to “Descent”

  1. HUH… Milyen jo ez a munka…te Eri!!!!!!!!

  2. Fantastic Sculpture, her expression really stands out to me. I had tried to sculpt for the first time the other day ( other than school related ), it takes patience.

  3. Wonderful Erika

  4. Nice, erika. You have great ideas and one almost always understands what you “mean” by your work; and intelligibility is refreshing after so many years of depressing subjectivism in art. Everyone can enjoy (and smile maybe) at this, and his or her comment springs out naturally–no word-weaving from the critic. Such a pretty, earnest face with that little frown.

  5. Thank you all for the comments. Swallows, I am not sure what you mean by
    “depressing subjectivism in art”.

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