Sketch: Soul Sucker

What I like about drawing/sketching is that it allows me bolder (crazier?), more experimental moves that I can later transfer into three-dimensional form. I am particularly attracted to attempts to twist, contort, segment the human body into a physically impossible mangled mass. It is harder than it looks, especially in sculpture, taking liberties doesn’t give one a free hand. There are problems to be solved, related to inventing ways to connect the disjointed in a way that is aesthetically possible inside the impossibility of the reinvented connecting of body parts. All in all is too exciting, I can’t wait to see this sketch come to life, which may take a while, since I am working on a big project at the moment.

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~ by erikatakacs on June 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “Sketch: Soul Sucker”

  1. exciting project! i can’t wait to see it finished!……that leg is quite familiar..i knew a beggar who’s leg was twisted when born by her family to serve the purpose well.poor girl i haven’t seen her for long…keep up the great job!

  2. That’s interesting, Ildi! Hard to believe. Thanks for the encouragement.

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