New Series: Days and Nights

I am getting really excited about my progress in abstract painting.  I am even cautiously considering calling it a breakthrough. I have been trying to avoid figurative, representational approaches in my painting altogether, and focus on the aspects of the inner self instead, on how senses influence thoughts, and thoughts senses. Abstract expressionism perhaps. “What can be more liberating than being freed from formulas, rules, restraints?” I thought. This freedom turned into a struggle with lack of direction and expression, resulting in what looked like dead-end experiments. But during the last few weeks I stumbled upon a technique that I found very satisfying. I have attached this dripping-squeezing technique to a broad subject, days and nights, which is loose enough to allow and include a broad palette of colour and form, but still provides a general structure to my ideas. Maybe this is what I needed, this flexible “armature”, to borrow from sculptural language. I any case, I am hopeful. Here are the latest paintings:


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~ by erikatakacs on June 27, 2012.

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