Demonstration of my papermaking technique


This is a very simple papermaking technique.  It starts with picking any kind of paper. This one is a kind of wrapping paper, I like its grey colour. Looks good when textured. First I need to tear, cut or shred paper into very small pieces.


I soak the paper overnight, to make it easier on the blender. If in a rush,  or can’t wait, I’ll soak it for an hour or not at all.


I pick up about this much and put it in a blender.


I’m adding water to it, about one quart.


Almost to the top. Or the blender will have to labour really hard and won’t last very long.


I use the chop button on the blender and process the paper for about 10-15 seconds on low. Then another 10-15 seconds on high. If the pulp still not consistent, give it another burst. Yes, it suppose to look this yucky, then it’s ok. My son says it’s like puke lol. By the way, he took most of the pics that show my hand. He’s 6 and loves to take photos!


I processed the paper and poured the pulp into a bowl. For the next step I will need a vat to catch the water, and something called a mold. A mold is made of a wooden or plastic frame, with steel screen secured to it.


I’m pouring the pulp onto the mold with a measuring cup, lenghtwise, then widthwise to cover evenly the whole screen. If pulp seems too thick I keep adding water to the bowl. To get the right consistency requires a little bit of experience.


Not that we got through the boring stage, the fun and artistic part begins! While blending the paper, I  remembered this paper maché mask I made a while ago and almost threw it away because it didn’t feel right. Why not experiment with it, I thought, the worst that  can happen, I get rid of it. Then one idea came after the other, and voila, this is what emerged!


Of course, I won’t know for sure until compeletly dries out. Sometimes they look great while still wet, but turn into nothing when dry. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one! It takes about a day or two for the paper to compeletly dry out, depending on the room temperature

~ by erikatakacs on January 29, 2008.

8 Responses to “Demonstration of my papermaking technique”

  1. That looks like fun, erika. Nice demo. I might make me one.

  2. Nice! Wonderful pics and walk-through of the process.

    She looks like a mermaid.

  3. Thank you, guys! Swallows, that would be great! If you make it, you need to show it, that’s the deal, ok? :)
    Kim, interesting idea, to me it looks more like a tribal chief. It’s almost dry now, and it changed dramatically. The green paint soaked through the sealer somehow, and dyed the white paper around it. The results are mixed. In some areas it’s quite nice, in others it’s bad. Good experiment overall, I don’t mind. I will try perfecting this technique. I have a good feeling about it.

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  5. So that’s how it’s done….
    Very interesting!

  6. I’m glad you liked it, Alan!

  7. I was here Erika! You really showed it very nice. My husband said, he would bake it and eat when he looked at the mixture from the distance. I thought it was more messy but it looks very clean work. Big hug my friend

  8. Hi Krysta! Thanks for dropping by. If he could eat THAT, he must have been hungry like a wolf. Hope you fed him with something more decent. :)

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