Snapshots Of The Fragmented Mind

This title jumped it me when I first started working on this piece. It would be more appropriate for a series I think. If anyone has any ideas for a title, let me know.

I’ll show the progress in reverse order for a change.

Closeup of my favourite character.

Just before sanding and removing much of the black paint.

Didn’t like the ice cream-scoop-effect on top. 🙂 The top part was removed.

Hope you enjoyed!



3 thoughts on “Snapshots Of The Fragmented Mind

  1. 100swallows September 4, 2008 / 14:05

    I don’t know how you put together this complex work so well.It is a nice composition. The piece seems good all around. You are by now a real expert with paper machĂ©. The faces are all well-modelled and interesting. My favorite is your favorite (presuming you mean the one with his hand under his chin, though the one above it with the lively eyes is good too). They make one think of gargoyles but also of some caricatures by Bosch and the Black Paintings by Goya, though yours aren’t so misanthropic. It also looks like a totem pole with the soft faces sliding down. Probably you did the right thing by removing the black paint, though I’d like to see a black base, not a blond one.


  2. erikatakacs September 5, 2008 / 14:05

    Swallows, thanks for the nice critique. I would like to enlarge this piece, if I can make an armature. Do you have an idea for one, the simplest one possible? I agree about the base colour, a black one would be better. A larger one probably wouldn’t even need one.


  3. 100swallows September 6, 2008 / 14:05

    I don’t think I can beat you at ideas for armatures. I used to do everything with iron pipes and wires. I would take my drawing to the herrero (smith) and he’d weld together the piece I needed–usually a pipe with strips of metal for feet that I’d screw to a board. I wrapped wire around the pipe and hung crossed clothespins here and there (they call those “butterflies”) to hold the clay fast. You must have thought of a plastic tube. You could glue it to a wooden base and pierce it with smaller plastic tubes.


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