Portrait of my grandmother

Lifesize,  made of paper mache after a  few photographs I had of her.  The headscarf will be modelled in mache as well, when the head completely dries out.




~ by erikatakacs on September 19, 2009.

12 Responses to “Portrait of my grandmother”

  1. This is so realistic it is almost frightening! I’ve never seen any busts made of paper-maché–you are a real master by now. The scarf is a great idea too–I’m sure you will model it with the same realism. She is everyone´s lovable grandmother. Congratulations!
    Now I suppose you are wondering whether to paint her–a difficult decision to make. And the final support?

  2. Thank you, Swallows. Yes, only half of the work is done, still trying to figure out finish and support.

  3. This is a lovely bust, I can´t belive that you have made it just by looking at some photos…on the other hand, you have probably been with your grandmother many times, and you obviously love her very much. The friendly and soft expression demand a very carefull descision about how to paint / if painting. Her expression is so sweet and mild, very touching.

  4. Birgitte, I had my memory of her besides the photos, which seemed helpful at times.
    You’re quite right about painting/patina. I’m leaning towards no colour, as the patchiness, discolouration work in this piece. Still, it takes courage leaving it naked like that. No decision in this matter yet.

  5. This is a very good work, very realistic. It looks straight to our eyes and seems like it’ll talk to you.

  6. Thank you, Filipa, but the final version is quite different.

  7. […] via erika takacs, erika takacs, […]

  8. […] via erika takacs, erika takacs, […]

  9. One of the best realistic paper mache project I have seen yet. Very good detail adds to the realism.

  10. Thank you, Crartist!

  11. Erika this is fantastic.

  12. Thanks, Pamela, that’s one of my favourites. It was almost scary how much she looked like my grandma. The final version turned out to be quite different from this one.

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