Good Read: Papier Mache Sculpture

It’s been a while since I posted, partly because of school spring break, and partly because it took me this long to finish my new work. I like to throw in a new challenge each time in order to grow artistically, this time I finally mustered enough courage to tackle colour, patina head on. I’m wondering what took me so long. :)

~ by erikatakacs on March 28, 2010.

11 Responses to “Good Read: Papier Mache Sculpture”

  1. This is just beautiful!


  2. Beautiful piece!


  3. She absolutely looks like a bronze now. Great job! I’ll bet people are shocked at how light she is.


  4. Great job! She looks like a bronze now. I’ll bet people are shocked when they lift her to find how light she is.


  5. its perfect.
    really cool result


  6. Great job Erika. Really like this sculpture.


  7. This is very nice, Erika. She does look like bronze. I bet those two arms gave you trouble–the length of the one holding the book, and what to do with the hand of the other–or not? I see you finally put some hair on a figure. I wonder whether you were tempted to try a scarf or cloth instead. Actually, now that you’ve done a naked maja, I’d like to see a dressed one. You do clothes well too.


  8. Thank you for all the nice comments.

    Cheryl, I wanted to comment on your beautiful Gypsy Necklaces, but I kept getting an error message.

    Swallows, I just wanted to “prove” I can actually make a pretty girl. :) The difficulty was the mounting to the base in a way that ALL her limbs and belly touch the base and give a sense of weight at the same time.

    A dressed girl would be nice too, I agree. I’m playing with the idea of a life size piece. If I could figure out how and of what to make the armature.


  9. She is beautiful, I love the color, – and the shape of the hair.


  10. so nice


  11. Thank you, Edwin.


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