Lady of the Tree

Lady of the Tree was born from a tree we cut down last year. I looked at the pile of scrap wood and thought I could use this piece for one of my figures. I wasn’t particularly inspired, but hoped something eventually would emerge.
While working on the torso I happened to watch the movie Elizabeth, which in turn inspired me to look at her portraits. Her face was more interesting than beautiful, but nothing better than an interesting face for a sculptor. I found her portraits outrageously rigid, so over the top that they became an inspiration. Just what I needed. This experience changed the course of my developing figure. She got Elizabeth’s hairdo and a huge collar reminiscent of her extravagant style. I didn’t want my lady to suffocate so I gave her an open collar. Elizabeth’s were chokingly tight.


Juried show award for my sculpture

I picked up a 3rd place sculpture award last night at a local juried show for my recent sculpture The Probe. Recognition for a worthy effort always feels good.