The long, difficult making of my last figure took its toll: although I have lots of ideas for new sculptures, I did not feel inspired at all to start a new one. But I had a beautiful dream that made me return to the sphere once again which proved to be a great motivator. I’m not sure what is about a simple form that intrigues me but I can’t complain about the result.


Final version:


The Big Rush

Here is the latest sculpture. She was very challenging to make due to her scale.  This is probably the maximum scale that can be handled with the help of a wire armature.  She was standing at 24 inches before I bent the armature, now the piece is 21″ with base. It is made of papier mache.  I really loved working on the face and hands, the larger scale allowed for more detail as before. I would like to be able to sculpt expressive hands, so the size has to go up, up, up.