Ram 2

Life size mask representing the lighter side of the zodiac sign. I added some colour to this mask, and really like the rusted iron effect that goes well with the fire sign.




I also experimented with photography a bit,  by capturing light-shadow interplay on and around the piece.  Lots of fun.



3 thoughts on “Ram 2

  1. Edwin October 12, 2011 / 14:05

    I love your sculptures. I’m a young artist that loves to sculpt but I been kind of afraid of not been able to make it professionally but your blog kind of makes me fell that there is more people like me out there, that love art and you inspire me, Thank you.


  2. erikatakacs October 12, 2011 / 14:05

    There are plenty of people like you and me, Edwin, and it isn’ t easy, it will never be easy. The fear of “not making it” never really goes away, but you cannot let that dissuade you from pressing on. But only press on if you cannot think of anything else that you would rather do. Good luck, and thank you too.


  3. David Star November 5, 2011 / 14:05

    Your colours really do good for this mask.
    It comes to life.
    I love it.


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