A Convincing Argument

The latest addition to the Ball People series, an armchair philosopher, a cross between Voltaire and Sartre,  complete with a Russian hat of course.  The reversed print on his back is taken from this Oscar Wilde quote:

“Arguments are to be avoided: they are always vulgar and often convincing.”

Dimensions:  15″x8″x8″

~ by erikatakacs on November 22, 2011.

9 Responses to “A Convincing Argument”

  1. Erika, I love this…do I have your permission to use it on blog in about 2 weeks? I love your “ball people series”. Please let know. I just changed my photo on my blog 5 minutes ago. Ironically this showed up in my email inbox.



  2. Of course, Pamela, any time, any one, just mention my name. Thanks a lot! I think this one is the best so far in the series.


  3. Very cool.


  4. Erika, I put the links up for you on my about page. Thanks for the very nice compliment about my writing. I love the new pages of your blog, nicely presented.



  5. I love this one.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing art work.


  6. Your Ball People series in amazing.
    I like it


  7. Thanks so much Personalized Jewelry and David!


  8. Erica your works and intriguing and sophisticated.I work some in paper and wax but want to explore more uses of paper. I am restarting my blog “Art Is Beautiful” and would love to feature your work. I would list you, your contact info and give you links back to your blog and website. Your work is outstanding.
    Thaks, Mike


  9. Thank you, Mike, for your kind words. You’re most welcome to post my works. Nice blog you’re starting there.


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