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I am primarily a sculptor residing in Ontario, Canada. In my figurative works I am looking for my answer to Gauguin’s famous question: Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

 I am mostly self taught, although I have taken courses in drawing, painting, pottery and jewellery.

Website: http://www.erikatakacs.com/

33 Responses to “About me”

  1. Gauguin’s famous question? Do you mean the painter, Paul Gauguin? Did he ask those questions too? Seems like you could come up with better sources for this kind of inquiry. Plato? Kant?

  2. Yes, it’s Paul Gauguin. What would take a philosopher a lifetime and several books, a thinking artist is able to boil down to a few short sentences.

  3. Well, he boiled down the questions all right. Did he boil down any answers? I always judge a guy by his answers. (You probably know that Kant apologized for the length of his book. “I didn’t have enough time to make it shorter,” he says. In fact, it’s a shame he didn’t give more examples of his laws.)

  4. There’s no right or wrong answer to these questions. Everyone has to come up with their own answers. Gauguin did with his work of the same title, and I’ll try in my own ways.

  5. :)

  6. Erica,

    I don’t know much about sculpture, but I came to your blog because I’m always so impressed with your comments on 100 Swallows’ blogs!

    Best regards,
    Madame Monet
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

  7. Hi Madame Monet, I find your comments more impressive…but thanks. You brought up something of interest to me though. You’re not the first person to say this, and I really don’t understand why people feel they need to apologize about not knowing much of sculpture. :) I never hear them apologize about not knowing much about painting! I’m intrigued now.

  8. Gustav Mahler said something very similar.

  9. All your sculptures touch me so much. One is simply beautiful.

  10. Your kind words are always appreciated, and you know I love your art.

  11. Do you know where I can purchase”The Thinker” and his wife from Romania?
    Any museum shop? Cheers!

  12. They’re at the Romanian Museum of National History in Bucharest. I couldn’t find anything other than this blog post about copies of the figures:


    I guess if there are any for sale, they would be at the museum gift shop?

  13. Miss new works. Hope all is well!!!!!!!

  14. How nice of you asking! :) everything is alright, just busy with finishing, fixing up old stuff and getting ready for a show. My head is full of new ideas, can’t wait to discard some of it. Hope to be back full steam in September. I think I’m ready to try abstracts too!

  15. thanks for the comment about my assemblages.
    I like your sculptures and the hand made paper art.
    You are a very talented artist. Are you on facebook ?

  16. Thank you too, Mauricio.

  17. Your work is absolutely fantastic! Bravo!


  18. Thanks for your comment, Pamela.

  19. Hi Erika, I love your blog and I enjoy reading the repartee you have with your guests. You have really inspired me with your work. I have this creative urge that often needs guidance and direction, and you have provided both for me these past three months! Sandra

  20. Wow, Sandra, that’s really sweet. You made my day! Thanks.

  21. Hey Erika,
    Your work is just so striking and so many similar veins of thought run through my own work with regards to female figurative representation. Strong female figures in otherworldly garb.
    I just wanted to make sure we didn’t lose touch. Could I get your email address? I must have lost it. Big surprise. I’m a scatter brains. I check my email more than the Durham Social site. So can’t wait to hear what’s new with you. See ya dear. Oh and check out the images I just posted on my site. See ya.
    HUgs, Brent

  22. I love your sculptures .

  23. Thank you, David.

  24. Your art work is amazing.
    I love your blog and I enjoy reading your notes.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  25. […] 3. https://erikatakacs.wordpress.com/about/ […]

  26. Hi, Erika! This is to announce you I<ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award! see here: http://wp.me/p7s7V-gc

  27. Thank you so much, Danu, coming from you it is a real honour! Multumesc!

  28. Hi Erika, thanks for your thoughtful comments. I enjoy your sculpture, Descent is wonderful- poetry in motion ;) have you ever tried working really large?

  29. Thank you, Silkeberens. The largest piece so far is 3 feet high, but my aim is life size…hopefully sometime this year.

  30. I LOVE making papier mâché! I find your creations very inspiring! I am looking forward to chewing some paper soon. Thanks for sharing what you do.

  31. Thank you, and hope you do chew lots of paper!

  32. your blog is an absolute pleasure!

  33. Thank you! I am glad you enjoy it. It’s a bit slow now, but I will be back with more work this summer.

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