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13 Responses to “My website”

  1. Very nice website Erika…very professional.

    I like a lot of your paper works…they are very autumnal/organic.

    Beautifully presented.



  2. Thank you, Nigel. I’m always surprised when someone likes my handmade paper creations, it feels like it’s been ages since I made them.


  3. Erika, I am always hoping to see more of your paperwork, when I am looking at your blog or website. It is both beautiful and interesting. I hope you feel like making some again, soon.


  4. Well, Birgitte, I think there may be one I did not post yet. But it’s different than the others I think. I don’t think much of the wall pieces, and also find it limited of what I can do with them. Maybe I’ll post the last one for you.


  5. I will be very glad to see it.
    If you don´t use the papers, why don´t you sell them? It would be easy to send.


  6. Hello Erika. Remember me…Nigelartist?

    The one who got booted off ASC because I told the truth and upset the sensitive ones!

    Hope you are okay.

    I’m ace…creating galore!

    email me at

    You don’t rid me that easily.


  7. iam just impressed by you quastions about Who are we; i would one day love to meet and sculpt with you, how can i show you my works in clay , eg. The Explusion Of Eve; The Refugee; ironicaly i am in exile


  8. Hi Desert Lizard, I would love to see your works. You have some images on the web, don’t you? If not, you can send them to my e-mail on my website.


  9. Stunning. I am so inspired by your work. Thank you for sharing this with the world.


  10. Thank you, Laura, you’re very kind.


  11. Do you sell any of these pieces? particularly interested in ‘She Nailed It” “Lady From A Tree”


  12. Yes, Annie, I do. E-mail me at for prices. Thank you.


  13. Beautiful. I love your art. Thank you for sharing.
    I am always hoping to see more of your art.


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