Inspired by the art of Georges Jeanclos

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When I first started taking pottery classes, and became interested in handbuilding, my teacher showed me a book about the art of Georges Jeanclos (1933-1997), a French ceramist. I still remember the moment I opened the book, his art was speaking to me. And we all know that although we admire some art more than other, art that moves us, shakes us, lifts us up is rare.

I am saddened by the fact there is no webpage dedicated to Jeanclos and there aren’t many images of his sculptures available on the net. He was one of France’s most respected artists in his lifetime afterall.

Jeanclos’ works consist mostly of unglazed grey terra cotta figures. He seems to be obsessed with death. His  “Kamakura” series is inspired by a shrine he visited in Kamakura, Japan, dedicated to stillborn/unborn children, commemorated by rows of grey statuettes. (you need to scroll down a bit).
His “Kamakuras” are figurative sculptures with Buddha-like slip cast…

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Inspired by the art of Csontváry

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Today I’d like to write about one of my favourite painters. I must have been 12 when I first saw his large sized paintings.  They made quite an impact on me.

Csontváry (1853-1919), was born in Hungary the same year as Van Gogh, had a similar life, and as a painter was his equal (in my opinion). Unfortunately his contemporaries did not understand the symbolism of his vision. He was a loner and a schizophrenic.

c. 1900
Oil on canvas, 67 x 39,5 cm
Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

At the age of 27 Csontváry had a vision. A voice told him he was going to become the biggest sunway painter (in his words), bigger than Raffaello. Nobody knows what he meant by “sunway”. He worked for more than 10 years as a pharmacist to make enough money to support himself as a painter. He was 41 when he set out for Paris, but like Van…

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Wool Winder

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Life size bust of Medusa looking into a mirror and reflecting on past and present. Unfortunately pictures don’t reveal a whole lot about sculpture, so I will say that her eyes are of stone. In the past I had approached this subject several times, each time moving on with an unfullfilled wish to “get it right”. I think I have achieved that wish with this piece.









“Determination” in Sculpture Review Magazine

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An image of one of my favourite pieces is featured in an article about the colour red in the prestigious sculpture magazine Sculpture Review – it is the top left image. For those interested in colour in sculpture, this current, spring issue of the magazine is dedicated to colour as “forth dimension”.


After The Show

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Miss Butterfly

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Miss Butterfly



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