A commission

This piece has proven more difficult than I had imagined it would be…not all that surprising in itself, as it seems to be the case more often than not; however, I had to confront a new factor in the form of added anguish to satisfy and surpass not just my own expectations but someone else’s too!

My process had slowed down considerably, partially because of this reason, and partially due to the technically challenging nature of joining three figures into one harmonious unit.

From the beginning a natural composition model presented itself that got me excited about the project: I was thinking of the long tradition and symbolism of the “threes” in the Western art, and how the golden triangle¬† of Renaissance art could be applied to a contemporary version of trinity. Vision is the driving force of the process, and makes one constantly negotiate between fantasy and reality. I found that reality meant I needed to proceed in small steps, one body part at a time, in a well-thought-out linear sequence. Not my usual creative mode, as I prefer a less planned out process, but it was very beneficial in terms of discipline, perseverance and endurance. On a more metaphysical note, perhaps this project came along to strengthen areas that I lacked in.

The slow pace was frustrating because I found it difficult to focus on other projects, though I did manage to finish another sculpture (in a new medium!) and I drew and sketched as well during the two months it took to complete this work.

Dimensions: 15″x16″x5.5″ (height/length/depth)