Two Figurines

These fun and whimsical pieces allow me to experiment with colouring surface textures.Pairsmall


Facebook page

I just started a new Facebook page for my whimsical paper mache sculptures. The “Ball People” –as I call them– may generate a smile from the viewer as they stumble into delicate situations poking fun at human behaviour. The humour may be subtle or just plain silly or ironic depending on what direction this whole idea takes. I’ve always enjoyed observing people, their facial expressions, their gestures, their movement. Some of these observations cannot be utilized in my more serious sculpture, so I thought I would give it a try with these whimsies.

If you enjoy looking at them please join my page. I might also do step-by-step tutorials in the future. See you there! (Just copy and paste the link into your browser):!/pages/Papier-Mache-Sculpture-by-Erika-Takacs/143817088964131

Here are the first ones:

She Nailed It!


Big Catch